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Talent Concept

Both ability and political integrity:

The talented person is also the capital of virtue; the moral person is also the handsome.

Innovate the concept of talents, select talents regardless of seniority, meritocracy.
People do their best:

People are long and short, big or small, have both ability and political integrity, and both inside and outside.
Make the best use of it:

Because the materials are selected, they can do whatever they want, and use their strengths to cover their shortcomings.

Job Title
Educational Background
Number Of Recruits
Release Date
PCB Engineer Regular college 1 2021-03-08
Location of work: Guangdong Province - Huizhou - Boluo County Age limitation for work: 1-3 years Educational background:: Regular college Number of people to be recruited: 1 Wages: 4000 - 6000
Job Responsibilities: 1. More than 2 years of work experience in a large circuit board factory; 2. Proficiency in using software such as GENESIS2000, PADS, AutoCAD, etc., able to make a full set of data. 3. Salary: Live in, the company has a canteen, and the dormitory has air-conditioning.
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