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PCB proofing

PCB Proofing


PCB proofing-a new trend of electronic products

PCB proofing refers to the trial production of printed circuit boards before mass production. It is mainly used for the process of conducting small batch trial production to the factory for electronic engineers after designing the circuit and completing the PCB, which is called "PCB proofing".
Current status of PCB development The main function of PCB is to make various electronic components form a predetermined circuit connection, and play a role of relay transmission. It is the key electronic interconnection of electronic products, and the support of electronic components and the carrier of electrical connection.
Data shows that China’s consumer electronics and major industry sectors are rapidly expanding their demand for PCBs. The circuit board manufacturing industry will develop along the path of high-density interconnect technology (HDI) and continue to sell. This is worthy of attention. event.


PCB Proofing Instructions

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Raw Materials


The raw materials used in PCB proofing include "ink" and "board", different brands/different grades of raw materials are selected, and the price also changes.

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Process Requirements


Common surface treatment requirements for PCB proofing include:thick board, number of layers, copper thickness, minimum aperture/line width/line moment, surface treatment, etc. The higher the parameter, the more expensive the price. Secondly, the surface treatment of gold is more expensive than sprayed tin. The smaller the process capability parameter, the more expensive the price.

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Production Quantity


As we all know, the larger the number of PCB proofing production, the more affordable the price. Our company focuses on mass production. The cost of PCB proofing in the early stage can be refunded according to the situation during mass production. Customers with large quantities can also enjoy free PCB proofing service in the later period. .

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Production Cycle


Conventional PCB single and double panel proofing cycle is 4-5days, PCB multi-layer board proofing cycle is 6-8days,it can be processed according to customer requirements, and the shorter the delivery time, the more expensive the price. Old customers have twice a month Free expedited order permission.

PCB Craft


Spray Tin




Immersion Gold






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