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How to choose mass production PCB circuit board manufacturers?

What are the factors you really need to consider?

01. Different companies have different positioning standards. PCB companies on the market are divided into two types: model factories and batch factories!

02. How to customize high-quality PCB boards with the least amount of money, and finding the right base material is very important!

03. Suppliers with stable delivery time are the prerequisite for the stable development of the company!

04. The speed of market quotation, the professionalism of the engineering department, and the degree of customer service after-sales cooperation!

Linghangda PCB Mass Production Enterprise

Help you easily solve the problems of delivery, price, quality and other issues



The batch plate factory has rich experience and complete production equipment to reduce the time of intermediate outgoing

30 million introduced a full set of advanced automated production/testing equipment;
100 professional manufacturing technical teams with more than 14 years of PCB industry experience;
Provide high-quality PCB products for many high-tech enterprises for decades;


Reasonable price, complete technology, self-built independent workshop, effectively reduce manufacturing cost

Linghangda cooperates with many foreign suppliers and adopts foreign high-quality A-level Kingboard materials and Guangxin photosensitive ink;

Comply with UL and ROHS environmental protection standards, after high temperature baking, the ink color is bright and bright, and the characters are clear. All products adopt double test (AOI optical scanning + flying probe test). Guarantee the qualified rate of shipment quality;


High-quality raw material supplier, 36 exquisite production and inspection processes to ensure good quality of circuit boards from the source and from the process

Self-built independent workshop, effectively reducing manufacturing cost, workshop building area: 48,000 square meters,

The monthly production capacity is up to 30,000 square meters/month;

The few companies in the industry that are equipped with a full set of surface treatment equipment can fully respond to related requirements such as immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion tin, OSP, spray tin, gold plating, thick gold plating, tin plating, and silver plating;


Stable delivery, no excellent one-hour response after sales, one-to-one dedicated service

Few companies in the industry are fully equipped with manufacturing facilities, which can effectively guarantee the stable delivery of circuit boards;


Respond quickly to customer needs within 1 hour, online customer service is available 24 hours a day, to deal with emergencies, and a team of technical engineers can provide door-to-door service across the country, allowing you to enjoy more intimate after-sales service;


A team of experienced technical engineers can provide door-to-door services across the country, allowing you to enjoy more considerate after-sales service personnel;

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