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Huizhou Linghangda Technology Co., Ltd.

Huizhou Linghangda Electronics Co., Ltd.

Huizhou Linghangda Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sales of single-sided and multi-layer circuit boards. The company has a professional CAD, CAM circuit board design, copy board and after-sales service team to provide domestic and foreign companies with a full range of one-stop services from circuit board design to manufacturing.

The company was established in July 2003 and is located in Fuyong Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, with a total investment of more than 80 million yuan, more than 500 employees, advanced printed circuit board equipment, and an annual design and production capacity of 240,000 double-sided multilayer circuit boards. Square meters. In 2017, the factory moved to No. 26, Meiyuan 3rd Road, Intercontinental Industrial Park, Luoyang Town, Boluo County, Huizhou, to expand production scale.

The company has sophisticated manufacturing equipment and a complete quality system and inspection equipment, which can effectively monitor the production process in an all-round way to ensure the stability and excellent quality of the production process. At present, the products are widely used in consumer electronics, security, LED, automotive, communications and other fields, with customers all over the world such as Europe, America and Asia.

We are willing to establish a good relationship with all customers with excellent product quality, high-quality service and competitive prices, to meet customer needs, and to develop and grow together.


  • 2009.10

    Import ISO14000 international environmental system and obtain certificate
  • 2008.7

    Fully update the instrument, equipment, technology and capacity further
  • 2007.5

    Obtained UL certification from the Insurance Institute of America
  • 2005.6

    The company moved into a new plant and fully updated its instruments and equipment
  • 2004.3

    Obtained the ISO9000 international quality system and obtained the certificate
  • 2003.1

    Shenzhen Linghangda Electronics Co., Ltd. was established

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Tel:13728677965 (Mr. Shi)

Address:No. 26, Meiyuan 3rd Road, Intercontinental Industrial Park, Luoyang Town, Boluo County, Huizhou


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